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Blogs from June, 2017

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Any time a driver is not truly focused on the task at hand while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, it is dangerous not only for the driver but also for every other person on the road. Many times, a lack of focus is the result of using a phone or talking with a passenger, but sometimes, it is the result of fatigue.

Many people do not understand the serious nature of fatigued driving, but in reality, it can cause accidents, detrimental injuries and even death. If you were hurt in a car accident that you believe was caused by a fatigued driver or Texas driver who was physically or mentally unable to drive safely at the time, you have the right and the option to seek financial compensation through a civil claim.

The facts about tired driving

A startlingly high number of adult drivers admit that they have driven while tired, and of this number, many admitted to actually falling asleep behind the wheel. Like alcohol, drugs and distractions, fatigue can affect a driver's cognitive and physical ability to drive safely and make smart decisions. From swerving to drifting into oncoming traffic, the risk is significant and the consequences can be severe.

Who is at risk?

Technically, anyone could be too fatigued to drive safely at some point. Some drivers may have a hard time admitting when they are unfit to drive or recognize when they are dangerously tired. There are some groups and demographics who are more likely to drive while fatigued, and these include:

  • Adults between the ages of 18 and 29
  • Adults with young children living in their household
  • Men
  • Shift workers
  • Individuals deprived of regular sleep
  • People who have been awake for 18 hours or longer
  • People with undiagnosed sleep disorders

Any person could be a fatigued driver in certain circumstances, and fatigue-related motor vehicle collisions can happen at any time of day.

Are you a victim?

If you believe that you are the victim of fatigued driving, you have options. You may have a valid claim to compensation, and you can begin to understand more about a potential civil claim by seeking a case evaluation with a knowledgeable lawyer.

You should not have to suffer from the negligent and reckless actions of another person. When you have an experienced legal ally working on your behalf, you can fight for the recovery you deserve for your medical bills and other accident-related needs.

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