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Blogs from March, 2016

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Even from a Waco criminal defense attorney, that may seem like a ridiculous warning. You probably chuckled a bit as you read it. "Don't do drugs while on bond?" You read it like a question. Then you thought, "What a dumb thing for a lawyer to write." Then you thought, "Surely no one would be silly enough to do such a thing?!"

Oh, would that you were correct. There was a time when I would have shared your incredulity at such a statement. However, over the years, that incredulity has given way to raised eye brows and face palms. If I had a nickel for every time a client asked me, "Hey Seth, is the judge going to drug test me?", I'd be a wealthy individual.

There is no way to know for sure if and when a judge will test you for drugs. However, if you are on bond on a charge in his court or if he is trying to decide whether to sentence you according to your request or the prosecutor's request, then there is a good chance he'll hand you a plastic cup and point toward the bathroom door. And if you test positive for any controlled substance (that you don't have a valid prescription for)? You guessed it: your bond will be revoked, you will be sent back to jail, and your new bond will (usually) be double the old one.

So, please abide by this simple rule: do not partake in illegal drugs while we represent you. It only makes your life and our job more difficult. In fact, some might suggest that a better approach would be not to partake in illegal drugs at all, seeing as how its, you know, illegal. But, I'm happy to start with baby steps here. Please be clean for the judge and we will all be much happier.

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